Lists for Curious Kids: Human Body: 205 Fun, Fascinating and Fact-Filled Lists (Paperback)

Do you want to know about nine popular hair styles from history, how digestion works in six easy steps, and eight questions about the human body that have no answers?

Then look no further because Lists for Curious Kids – Human Body by Rachel Delahaye is absolutely bursting with more than 200 eye-popping and informative lists about your body, guaranteed to keep you entertained and increase your general knowledge at the same time!

Discover your body’s most curious bits and pieces, the most muscly gymnastics events, freaky human body museums … and the worst cures for the Black Death.

With quirky, colourful illustrations by Caroline Selmes, this is a great gift purchase but also a book to buy for yourself!

Автор книги

Rachel Delahaye





Серия книг

Lists for Curious Kids

Количество страниц


Размер книги

279 × 204 × 9 мм




10-14, 7-10

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